iZoom Standard Screen Magnifier/Reader USB
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Are you unable to send emails, see pictures or read on the computer because of a vision impairment? iZoom is here to help. iZoom can enlarge everything on your computer screen, change colors, read web pages using natural sounding voices and more!

iZoom Standard incorporates our latest iZoom Magnification and Reading technology. Zoom into areas of the screen that are difficult to see, reduce glare, read out web pages, emails, new articles and more. At half the price of conventional screen magnifiers, iZoom Standard offers cutting edge magnification technology at an unbeatable price.

Works with Windows 7/8/10
Multiple Color Schemes
Font Smoothing
Zoom up to 32X
Pointer Enhancements
Multiple Languages
Multiple Zoom Modes
Natural Sounding Voices
Cursor Enhancements
Integrated Speech
256 MB HDD
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iZoom Standard Screen Magnifier/Reader USB

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