About Us

Magnifying America was formed to create, design, innovate, manufacture, and distribute miracle devices that empower our users to acheive the seemingly impossible.

Over a quarter century ago after graduating with my Business of Science in Business Administration Major in Finance, from the University of Florida, and having already incorporated my first business at the age 18, I launched my lifetime career in the field of vision loss empowerment through the use of adaptive technology.

A true entrepreneur,  I design, create, manufacture and distribute first ever introduced products from that very first day. Growing the marketplace with innovative changing products for the vision impaired client.

On board of Harvard Medical School affiliate Mass Eye and Ear and having previous been on the Board of Scheppens Eye Institute, holding multiple trademarks and branded family of products, the journey has been very exciting. What is more exciting is my three sons participating and carrying the torch of this now family business in manufacturing precision ophthalmics in our research and design laboratory and leading the business to new accomplishments.


A show stopping trend setting passion adorns our Patriot Brand of adaptive vision technology. From release of our first Patriot Classic, Patriot Voice, Patriot Touch, Patriot Bronze, Patriot Silver, Patriot Gold, and now Patriot Platinum and Patriot VRM, we continue to furnish the seemingly impossible for our clients empowerment and enjoyment.

Exceeding your expectations one invention at at time is our mission.



John Palmer, President, Founder, Inventor, and Friend