VisioBook HD
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Remember how your students loved the VisioBook?

Well, now they can feel the love again.

The ideal companion for reading and working on the move.


Wherever you need magnification assistance, VisioBook HD offer high quality magnification in a portable, lightweight design.
Small text passages and objects can be magnified up to 30x with VisioBook HD. Model provide full HD resolution with true colour contrast, enhanced view (positive and negative), and a variety of foreground and background colour combinations, such as yellow on black. The image optimizer and the auto focus add the finishing touch to the superior image quality.


Folds like a Notebook.


The mobile VisioBook HD, is a lightweight (approx 7 pounds) portable magnifier that folds flat like a notebook for easy transportation or storage. Thanks to its compact size, VisioBook HD fits in the supplied carry bag, or stored in a drawer when not in use. Move between classes at school, between offices at work, or take it with you when you travel. VisioBook HD is like a magnifying glass with a larger screen, except that with VisioBook HD, your hands are free during reading. With the rechargeable battery, VisioBook HD can operate for 5 hours. So you can use it virtually anywhere, including home, work, school, at the library, or when you travel.

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VisioBook HD

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