OrCam MyReader 1.5
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Activated by a simple, intuitive gesture – pointing your finger or pressing a single button – OrCam MyReader makes newspapers, books, computer and smartphone screens, restaurant menus, labels on supermarket products and street signs accessible – in real time. No matter what font type or size, OrCam allows you to effortlessly read a full menu. Make your dining selections without assistance from others – assuming you can decide what to order! OrCam MyReader stores up to 150 of your favorite products – such as supermarket items, drugstore necessities and credit cards – and instantly communicates them through your own voice tag, enabling an independent shopping experience. Triggered by a simple pointing gesture, OrCam MyReader instantly announces the denomination of your country’s currency notes, making shopping, dining and paying quicker, easier – and more assured.

  • Item #: 35341
  • Manufacturer: Magnifying America
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 800-364-1610
  • Condition: New

OrCam MyReader 1.5

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