Mercury 6 Handheld Magnifier with Speech
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Mercury 6 is the first voice controlled handheld magnifier using artificial  intelligence for those with low vision. It’s compact design allows it to fit  easily in a pocket. Integrated, accurate OCR with natural sounding voices allows you to sit back  and comfortably listen to a document. 
● Large 5.5 inch HD screen  

● Voice and button controlled  

● Easy to learn  

● Freeze image for close-up viewing  

● Usable for Low Vision or No Vision  

● Full Page Accurate OCR  

● Room to write under the camera  

● Integrated LED light  

● Multiple Color Schemes  

● Multiple Languages  

● Natural sounding voices  

● Integrated foldable legs  

● 3 hour battery life  

● Octa-core processor  

● Included carry case  

● Lightweight at 195 g 

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Mercury 6 Handheld Magnifier with Speech

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