Dazzle Revolution 22" HD with OCR TTS (Text to Speech)
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 The Dazzle Revolution is a special configured system that allows the user to read and write email using magnification and text to speech including voice recognition and touch screen! It can read aloud printed materials and save them into the storage inside unit and it can pan the room for near, far, and self viewing magnification in contrasting colors and other attributes.

Wireless built in and ready for anything. Variable contrast, Variable magnification zoom.


The Android Platform has all the tools to perform as your multimedia system for work, office, home, school, and more.


The total solution incorporating all the adaptive equipment you could dream of all in one.



  • Item #: 35144
  • Manufacturer: Magnifying America
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 800-364-1610
  • Condition: New

Dazzle Revolution 22" HD with OCR TTS (Text to Speech)

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