Aspheric Prismatic Reading Glasses
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These spectacles are ideal for reading. Comes with durable plastic frames. The lenses are made of distortion free optics. All powers are made with base-in prism. Any option you choose comes with a soft case (pictured).


Aspheric lenses have fixed magnification, or power, throughout the lens. Wherever a patient looks through the lens, the power is the same. This allows them to scan the reading material efficiently.

Spherical lenses have variable magnification. Outside the optical center, the power is distorted. This is desirable for reducing the cost to manufacture, but not for prismatic spectacles. As the eyes scan, this distortion is especially disruptive, because one eye views through reduced magnification while the other eye views through increased magnification. It is because of this that we only supply Aspheric prismatic readers.

Aspheric prismatics are typically made from molded acrylic polymer. Acrylic is not optical quality. For this reason, acrylic lenses are not used in prescriptive optics. Acrylic lenses are thermally unstable. If an acrylic prismatic is left on the dash of a car on a hot day, it will permanently change power. Not all prismatic spectacles are created equal. Our prismatic spectacles use optical quality CR-39 aspheric lenses - not molded!


Each lens measures 48mm wide and the bridge is 18mm wide.

  • Item #: Prismatics
  • Manufacturer: Magnifying America
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 800-364-1610
  • Condition: New

Aspheric Prismatic Reading Glasses

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