Eyepal ROL

ROL is a revolutionary reader for the blind: portable, comfortable and convenient.

ROL incorporates ABiSee’s exclusive AudioMinder technology, making it the only reader that can also assist you with your daily schedule.

Eye-Pal ROL is battery powered. For a long time you wished to be able to take your reader along to an appointment or to a restaurant – and now you can!

Two HD auto-focus cameras, ergonomic thumbwheels and tactile controls are integrated into a single convenient unit.

  • Fits naturally in your hands!
  • No camera arms!
  • No separate control keypad!

In addition to standard printed pages, Eye-Pal ROL accurately reads other types of printed text:

  • Glossy magazines
  • Fine print
  • Pill bottle labels
  • Product packaging
  • Restaurant menus
  • Item #: 35099
  • Manufacturer: ABISEE

Eyepal ROL

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